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Hello everyone, It's been a long time you heard from us but we're going to break the long silence for abit now. First of all i'd like to apologize for the lack of updates but do know that this was not without reason. Most of us used to be colleage students durring the time we were booming with activity and well times changes. Some of us have fulltime jobs now or are in the process of getting employed full time.

This basicly leaves very little time for hobbies and other things and modding isn't very high on the priority list when we have other day to day things to take care of. That beeing said however doesn't mean we will abandon this project but it simply means we will not be able to post updates as frequently as we used to do.

Now that we got that out of the way enjoy our little media update/teaser:

General Thorn, the latest data from reconnaissance indicates there's insurgent activity across the border in Sudan. I suggest a pincer attack coordinated by Alpha and Bravo teams as it was originally planned for the region. We're ready to roll sir, just give us the order.

Bad news, General. The insurgents appear to have left the field. Something must have alerted them of the operation. However we managed to find them again in a small ravine 150 clicks southeast to their previous location. They clearly don't want a fight. Do we have any Predators on standby? 


General, we've been advised to make those trucks our priority target. They act as mobile command centers. Enemy commanders have also been confirmed to operate inside those trucks. Once these trucks have dug in, they function as well as one of their standard command centers. Let's hit them where it hurts this time!

Untill next time smile.gif
-SWR Productions






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