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cnc-ddraw is an OpenGL re-implementation of the old DirectDraw API which was used for games such as Command & Conquer 95 and Red Alert .

Note: This project is still a work in progress! It might crash or do other undesirable things at the moment.

Key features:

  • Command & Conquer 95 v1.04a+ support
  • Red Alert v3.03 support
  • windowed mode
  • resolution stretching
  • aspect ratio correction
  • different scaling filters (GL_LINEAR/GL_NEAREST)
  • better multi-core/SMP compatiblity
  • better Windows Vista/7 compatibility
  • better Wine compatibility

Additional features:

  • fps limiting
  • mouse sensitivity scaling

Multi-core/SMP/fast CPU issues fixed:

  • game freezing randomly
  • too fast scrolling in-game

Windows Vista/7 issues fixed:

  • wrong colors, the game uses a 256 color palette which breaks down occasionally

Wine issues fixed:

  • bug #4487 - SMP: C&C and Red Alert stop redrawing at random times
  • bug #6181 - C&C Cutsceens and Menus Run Slow
  • bug #15226 - Cursor in C&C Gold and Red Alert disappears randomly
  • bug #24179 - Cursor in Red Alert jumps on the right side of the screen and makes scrolling slow


Red Alert 640x400 @ 800x600 (GL_LINEAR)
Red Alert 640x400 @ 1280x800 (GL_NEAREST)


Latest development snapshot: ddraw.dll
Source: cnc-ddraw @ github


For cnc-ddraw to work at all, you need to disable all compatibility settings. Yes, thats right, disable. That means Windows version, 256 color mode and 640x480 resolution. It will most likely crash if any of them is enabled. For both C&C and RA to work properly, you need to set "Back buffer in Video memory" ON and "Allow hardware filled blits" OFF in "Hardware Options" using ccsetup.exe/rasetup.exe.

For best results with Red Alert, set its video mode to 640x400. For best results with C&C, use v1.06 patch and 1024x768 mode.

Place ddraw.dll in the game folder and create ddraw.ini using the following settings as an example (Wine users: add ddraw to dll overrides!):

; bits per pixel, possible values: 16, 24 and 32, 0 = auto
; real rendering rate, -1 = vsync, 0 = unlimited, n = cap
; scaling filter, nearest = sharp, linear = smooth
; mouse sensitivity scaling

With these settings you should have a naturally sized window which is not scaled.

You can alt-tab out of the window and back. To lock your cursor inside the window, click it. To unlock, press Ctrl+TAB.



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