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Version 1.01b - Empire and Allies

Global Changes:
~10 new multiplayer colors added.
~Infantry rescaled, now smaller. (except war bear and tesla trooper)
~Renamed Super Weapon Power names. (not the structures)
~AI Renamed to their respective strategy.
~AI now uses new units, and updated strategy for Giles,Lisette,Kenji,Naomi,Moskvin, and Zhana (under testing)
~Maximum Camera Zoom in and out increased.
~Added button to enable classic army warfare. (Currently, it just disables superweapons)
~Added camera shake to all scale-worthy explosions.
~Fixed various bugs from last update.
~Replaced beacon flare with a beacon light to Singularity, Collider, and Imploder weapon powers.
~Radar is now attached to Construction Yards.

Empire Changes:

~Tank Buster
 -Updated burrow fx, updated normal beam laser from the 3.1 version.
 -Added muzzle fx when firing.
 -Ambush Support Power delay time decreased from 10 to 5, new burrow out fx
 -Slightly modified model skin
 -Uprising psionic blast fx and psionic crush matter fx
 -Commando Decal added
~Rocket Angel
 -Updated Photon Rocket fx
 -Dogfight locomotor enabled.
 -New tracer textures
 -Added VTOL unit distortion fx when in mecha form.
~Tsunami Tank
 -Modified energized armor fx
 -updated projectile detonation fx
~VX Unit
 -Updated Rocket exhausts, modified weapon systems to match model.
 -Chopper dust fx added.
~Waveforce Artillery
 -Added preattack charge fx, camera shake on fire.
~King Oni
 -Slightly reskinned
 -Added melee attack weapon
 -Bull Rush ability limited activation range to use it's full capacity.
~Greater King Oni
 -Emperor Mecha now buildable in multiplayer
 -Slightly Slower than the King Oni, but better damage and anti-air systems. Also has melee attacks.
 -Raging Bull Rush special ability now does damage properly on enemy units and structures*
 -Improved armor compared to others.
~Wing Unit
 -Seawing weapon now has rocket models, modified to match unit model.
 -Skywing gun weapon now fires 2 shots at the same time, each damage halved to match original weapon damage.
~Shogun Battleship
 -Updated shell detonation fx, and projectile trails.
~Waveforce Tower
 -Egg build time now constant with other eggs (4 seconds)
 -Added prefire charge fx.
~Defender VX
 -New tracer textures, rocket exhausts and modified rocket weapon systems.
 -power capacity increased to 125

Allied Changes:

 -now has Uprising healing aura
 -Reskinned, removed house color from pants
 -Outpost deploy delay halved from 30 to 15.
 -Updated projectile detonation fx
~Mirage Tank
 -Cloaking Field bubble removed temporarily, added cloaking field decal.
 -New fx for cloaking units (on and off)
 -Spectrum weapon one-shots infantry
~Athena Cannon
 -Satellite beam now fades after attack
 -slightly downsized
~Assault Destroyer
 -Improved weapon fire sound, updated projectile detonation fx.
 -Improved armor compared to others.
~Aircraft Carrier
 -Drones can now change targets in flight.
 -Added EMP missile detonation fx, new target cursor.
 -Drones change engine glow and trail with Aeronautics upgrade.
 -Fixed landing state, no longer has the exhaust model.
 -Added Jet FX when using Return ability
 -VTOL distortion seen when taking off, landing, and mid-air.
~Power Plant
 -Added Power capacity upgrade, +50 to power.
~Spectrum Tower
 -Now has its own stronger scatter beam weapon template instead of using the Mirage template.
 -Power requirement down to 50
~Cryo Satellite
 -Beam now fades after use

Soviet Updates:

 -New skin, to match original art.
 -Heroic tracer fixed to match normal ones.
~Grinder Tank
 -currently removed, for now.
~Hammer Tank
 -changed leech beam color to red (suggested)
 -Now leeches Tesla Tank and Great Oni weapons
 -Stingray weapon and Tesla Tank weapon differentiated. (Tank has surge)
 -Coil weapons and Apoc cannon clip reduced to 1
~Apocalypse Tank
 -changed leech beam color to red (suggested)
 -removed shake effect in rocket detonation.
 -added damaged skin
 -VTOL distortion seen when taking off, landing, and mid-air.
 -New skin, some house colors removed, resembling beta counterpart.
 -Heroic V4 Rocket exhaust modified to match warhead template.
~Vacuum Imploder
 -Updated detonation fx.



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