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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight has more units than any previous C&C title. With more units comes more Tier 3 powerhouses, capable of laying waste to any enemy foe foolish enough to get in their path of destruction. Spread across all three classes (Offense, Defense, and Support), there are a slew of new GDI and Nod tier 3 units which we will be taking a look at this week.

GDI Tier 3 Units

Mammoth Tank

The backbone to any GDI heavy assault force, the Mammoth Tank returns wielding two beastly cannons and rocket pads. The Mammoth is a meat shield that can lead a pack of Mastodon's and absorb a huge beating while destroying anything in its path. Upgrades include mirror plating to increase chance of machine gun and laser weapon deflection, and more powerful cannons can be awarded through a crate upgrade.

  • Tip: It is wise to move your Mammoth Tanks to the front lines of your force. It has a Taunt Laser that forces any unit it is attacking to fire back at it, therefore reducing damage to the rest of your units. Heal your Mammoth Tanks at the same time to ensure that the enemy barely damages your force.

Mammoth Tank
Mammoth Tank


This heavy treaded tank sports frontal mirrors capable of reflecting high amounts of incoming damage back at enemy units. The mirrors also open to fire a powerful laser, making this unit a double edged sword you do not want to mess with! Upgrades include an increased percent in deflection as well as more advanced mirror plates.

GDI Refractors dominating
GDI Refractors dominating

  • Tip: Have your Refractor's face off against some of Nod's more formidable forces such as the Avatar or the Widow. The enemy's firepower will reflect back at them, causing severe damage.

The Refractor
The Refractor


The Juggernaut is the Defense mobile artillery, capable of quickly firing off volleys of shells and withdraw before the enemy can react. They can also be upgraded with Sticky Bombs, extremely powerful land mines that can be launched into an area from afar! However, the sticky bombs are not stealthed like other mines!

  • Tip: The Juggernaut's shells do a ton of splash damage. Aim at the center of a pack of units to damage all of them. Use distance to your advantage, as the Juggernaut has one of the longest attack ranges in the game.

I am the Juggernaut
I am the Juggernaut

Zone Captain

Zone Captains lead GDI's new Zone Trooper forces. This heavily armored siege infantry wields a mobile ion cannon capable of decimating forces from afar! The Zone Captain can also uplink to a player's Ion Cannon to add an EMP effect to its attack, rendering units immobile for a short period of time.

  • Tip: After EMPing a large group of units with the Zone Captain's Ion Cannon Strike ability, have Juggernauts take out their immobile forces!

The Zone Captain
The Zone Captain


This specialized vehicle is capable of transforming from a ground-based hover platform to an aircraft, making it very versatile. However, it can only fire at units that reside on the same plane! You can also land directly on units to cause a severe amount of damage and embarrassment to the enemy. The Thunderhead fires at targets with a Heavy Laser which deals a great amount of damage.

The GDI Thunderhead
The GDI Thunderhead

  • Tip: When trying to fend off an Offensive player being reinforced by a Support player, take your Thunderheads to the skies to destroy their Aircraft and flying healers, while your land tanks such as Hunters and Mammoths take out the rest.

GDI also has a bevy of other powerful Tier 3 units such as the Offense class Mastodon, the Defense Class Rhino, and the Support Class Kodiak and Archangel.

Nod Tier 3 Units


Recently redesigned due to community feedback, the Avatar returns to the 4th Tiberium War. The Avatar is more than ever a menace to GDI forces, carrying multiple cannon weapons. Your only chance of taking this sucker down is to shoot off each of the Avatar's cannons to reduce its firepower.

  • Tip: When destroyed, the Avatar leaves a husk. Race to capture this to turn the tables and the tide of war!


The Widow is a freaky site on the battlefield. A large spider tank of mass destruction, the Widow blows enemies to pieces with a Heavy Laser. Smaller Nod "Spider Tanks" can be constructed and attached to the Widow. Each Spider Tank attached to the Widow increases its overall firepower. The Spider Tanks can be unattached for quick assaults, as the Widow's movement speed cannot match the speed of these tier 1 speed demons.

The Nod Widow
The Nod Widow

  • Tip: Attached Spider Tanks will fall off of the Widow when it is destroyed, allowing you to keep your force on the offensive while you bring in reinforcements.

Nod Widows assault the Mammoth Tanks
Nod Widows assault the Mammoth Tanks

High Confessor

The Nod Cybernetic High Confessor Infantry has an anti-mass, medium ranged weapon. This weapon can chain across groups of enemies, applying Tiberium Corrosion. This Corrosion debuffs the targeted unit, reducing their effectiveness on the battlefield. The attack also damages units over time, making it perfect to strike when the enemy has no Support players around to heal their units.

  • Tip: Have your High Confessor's spread their Tiberium Corrosion, then send other units in front of them to keep up the attack. Since their Tiberium corrosion does damage over time, you do not need to keep the High Confessor on the front lines where they can be attacked by the enemy.

Tiberium infused lasers just own
Tiberium infused lasers just own


This large, fearsome beast will send a shutter down your spine. Launching burrowing explosive projectiles over long distances, you won't even see the attack coming! Mainly used to take down enemy structures, Nod has used its borrowing technology to construct this extremely effective unit. Keep an eye on your burrowed units, as the Underminer's projectile will collide with any underground forces in the way!

  • Tip: Since the Underminer is best at taking down structures, use them to clear out a region of base defenses from afar before sending in your main army. The enemy will have trouble seeing where the attack is coming from, unless they have a detector.

The Underminer
The Underminer


The Leviathan is a Heavy Nod command center capital ship with 3 anti-ground fireball launchers. As a Support unit it can increase nearby friendly unit armor with its "Aura of Command" secondary ability.

  • Tip: If the Leviathan is being swarmed by smaller tier 1 aircraft, be sure to purchase the Leviathan upgrade. Smaller sortie drones will fly around the aircraft, allowing you to fend off a larger number of forces.

Not mentioned above, but not to be taken lightly, Nod's Tier 3 is also equipped with Defense Class Aftershock, and the Support Class Basilisk and Medusa.




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